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Our Projects

Commercial Structures

We are highly skillful in working for these kind of structures which comprise  office buildings,malls,retail stores etc..


Educational Institutions

Usually these kind of buildings includes spacious areas steel was considered as first priority.These are aesthetically designed and comprise of large steel beams.

Health Care Institutions

Steel detailing for these kind of buildings is a challenge in itself as it comprises a blend of modern aesthetics and safety measures.


Industrial Structures

These projects show case our expertise and resources fullness  and we have always been successful in working for these incredible accomplishments.

Residential Structures

These usually come up with hectic schedules and constrained time lines.We proudly vouch that we could cater to the client specific needs with utmost quality.


Community Centers

These involve a large open interior space and we cloud flexibly configure our steel detailing aspects to accommodate a growing congregation.

Our Projects: Projects
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